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Travelpilz has been nominated for an award!


Liebster Award

The Liebster Award may not be the Oscars of the blogging world, but it got me just a wee bit excited!  Not least because ‘Liebster’ in my native German means ‘favourite’ and like a chain letter, newbie bloggers pass it on to get to know each other’s blogs and to share the love.

Thanks to Tonia  Zemek for nominating Travelpilz for the Liebster Award and for giving me an excuse to drink champagne on Cup Day. Tonia with an Eye is a beautiful personal blog about interesting people and possessions. I sent my very first tweet to @toniawithaneye to thank her for finding me again on twitter after we met briefly at this year’s ProBlogger networking event. Thanks Tonia, I am starting to get the hang of those hashtags!

Here are my answers to Tonia’s 10 questions.

1. Who is your favourite person?

The Dalai Lama? Sure, but that would be too easy. I nominate my soul sister Pat Masters. If you know her, you’ll know why. She’s simply everybody’s favourite person. I thank the universe for having put her in my path. We had a hell of a time sailing around the world for a semester with a bunch of sometimes very cranky students and staff from all over the world aboard a converted cruise ship, The Scholar Ship.

Pat Masters my favourite person

My soul sister, Dr Pat Masters

Formidable Pat holds a Phd, three Masters degrees and was at one time an ordained Buddhist nun. She’s the coolest dharma teacher around and when we are not drinking champagne, or shopping for hours for pre-loved clothes at Savers in Honolulu, we do also talk about the Dalai Lama and the fact that we share the same star sign. Get that meditation cushion ready and put the champagne on ice Pat, I’ll be back in Hawaii soon!

The Dalai Lama

Posters at the Tibetan Refugee Market, Bodhgaya

2. What is your favourite possession?

The Dalai Lama teaches that we must not become attached to feelings, people, and, of course, possessions. A few months ago I threw out boxes filled with stuff I had schlepped around with me from Perth to Melbourne to Sydney to Cairns. Research materials, favourite dresses, favourite winter clothes, you name it, I’ve gotten rid of it. My aim is to reduce it down to 12 key possessions. Realistically that might not happen in this life time, but according to my favourite people nominated above, there is always the chance for another reincarnation.

So is a ukulele an essential possession or not? Of course it is. I am only just starting my second career as a rockstar. And I need to practice every day. But what a pain it will be to lug it around. I’ll have to downsize the Mac Book Pro, my other favourite possession, to an Airbook to make room for the uke.

My Favourite Possession

3. What was the happiest day of your life?

There have been many happy days. Days are made up of moments. It’s the memory of those moments that stays with you. Happy moments are created when you are fully present. It can be an encounter with smiling school girls in a small village in India, a rainbow over the beach on the day of the funeral of a beloved, it’s the sunshine after tropical rain, because happiness only exists in balance with its opposite.

4. Sweet or savoury?

Chocolate in the afternoon. Whatever is on special at the supermarket. Usually Lindt or Organics. Savoury in the evenings. Avocado and anchoives with chilli salt. Since my recent adventures in the tinny and the inevitable encounters with sandflies, I now have the occasional rice cracker with that Aussie institution, Vegemite. How’s that for progress?!

5. Jazz or pop?

Keith Jarrett  The Koln Concert and Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison (because I can play it on the ukulele without making too many mistakes).

6. Coffee or tea?

Tea before breakfast. Green Sencha tea from that elegant temple of tea, Ippodo, in Kyoto. Followed mid morning by a caffe’ latte in my trusty old Italian coffeepot.

Green Tea

Tea Master at Ippodo Tea, Kyoto


7. What do you miss most from your childhood?

Hedges dripping in raspberries on warm summer afternoons, riding my bicycle after school through fields of wheat and sunflowers in Germany. Holidays to the Italian Alps where people spoke German and shop keepers gave you lollies instead of silver change. Icy Christmas markets, adults drinking hot spicy Glühwein, wearing knitted gloves and hats and riding on a wooden horse under sparkling starry lights.

8. What item of clothing do you wear the most?

My grey-blue, quick-dry Kathmandu skirt. My 16 year old niece hates me wearing my Funktionskleidung as she calls it. Functional clothing is the anthesis of fashionable, she says.  It’s favored by backpackers and hikers. It’s not meant to be flattering. But I like it. It’s easy. It’s lke a uniform. I don’t have to waste much time thinking about what to wear.

Funktionskleidung in action

Fashionable in quick-dry Funktionskleidung


9. What is your favourite time of year and why?

palmtree on beach at Mission Beach

Right now. Early spring in the Wet Tropics of Far North Queensland. An edge of crisp winter lingers in the morning air. Soon it’ll be hot and humid again, and for months and months living in Misison Beach will feel like living inside a hothouse. Right now, it’s the perfect balance. We just had a week when the Coral Sea was still and clear like a fish tank and I saw lots of green turtles from my kayak. And just when it warms up a little too much and you start to break out in a sweat, the weather suddenly turns and a Southerly whips the perfect ocean into a gun powder coloured mess and it feels like a celebration to put that light jumper back on again before I store it away for the wet season. It’s the ying and yang of tropical spring.


10. Why did the chicken cross the road?

Where? Did I miss something?

Rooster on Kauai

Wild Rooster on Kauai

Here are the rules:

liebster21-580x348-300x1801. To accept the Liebster award you have to display the logo on your blog.

2. Thank the person who has nominated you and link back to their blog.

3. Answer the 10 random questions they have asked about you on your blog.

4. Devise your own 10 questions.

5. Nominate up to 10 favourite fledgling bloggers, inform them of your nomination, list your 10 questions and ask them, if they accept the award, to link back to your blog. And on it goes.

Let’s share the love. Here are my 10 questions:

1. Why do you blog?

2. If you could choose five places from your bucket list, where would you go?

3. What do you hate about blogging?

4. What do you love about blogging?

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

6. Name three things you can’t travel without.

7. What are you really good at as a blogger?

8. Where was your last best trip?

9. Do you have a favourite quote? Who is it by?

10. What’s a favourite blog post you have written and why? Please provide a link.


Here are my nominations in no particular order:  

Oscar from Oscar’s Kids Guides

Caro from Lots Of Fresh Air

Tash from Jouljet

Kristin from A Pair of Boots and a Backpack

Cyra from Gastronomic Nomad

Rhonda from Albom Adventures

Ivan and Gianni from Nomad Is Beautiful

Sarah from A Week at the Beach


Kerstin Pilz

Author at Travelpilz
I am Kerstin Pilz, PhD, recovering academic, travel blogger based in Mission Beach, Far North Queensland.

5 thoughts on “10 Random facts about me

  1. Gitta

    Congratulations Kerstin, well done …. And to top it off “Protectionist” a German horse won the cup … How good is that. Xxx

  2. Tonia Zemek

    Oh Kerstin, I love your responses. Thank you for giving such thought to your answers. I’m so intrigued by what you’ve shared. Where can I find out more about the Scholar Ship? Sounds amazing. Also, it was nice to see a mention of your niece – I so enjoyed meeting you both. Take care and please stay in touch, Tonia. x

    1. travelpilz Post author

      Thanks Tonia, it was such a pleasure to meet you at that windy street corner in Surfers and so lovely of you to remember Zsofi my niece. Alas, the Scholar Ship was discontinued after its inaugural voyage in the wake of the GFC. I certainly was a career highlight, in fact a university office never felt right after that. Yes, we’ll stay in touch, you’ve already gone down in my blogging history as my initiator to tweeting :) x

  3. Eva Machnitzke

    Kerstin, how wonderful it looks like, that you can call yourself a Blogger. Bravo. Wonderful im very happy best regards Eva

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