Travelpilz gets a facelift, a new name and a new website!

Hi there, it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from TravelPilz and there’s a reason for that. I took a long hard look at my long-term goals and decided that while I’ll always love writing and traveling, a travel blog isn’t where I want to put my energy. I’ve always been committed to creating quality content and pictures and that takes a long time. And so, in 2017, I am putting my energy into combining my passions of writing, teaching and traveling into a brand new project.

I’ve just launched a new website, and I invite you all to come on over and check it out.


On my new website I still blog about travel and beautiful locations, but the focus now is on taking my readers on an inner journey of self-discovery through writing, yoga and meditation. With www.writeyourjourney I invite you to take your creativity on a holiday. Sounds good?

There will be online courses and retreats in beautiful locations. In 2017 you can join me in beautiful Hoi An in central Vietnam, or run away with your creative self to the central mountains of Bali (we start the day after the Ubud Writers&Readers Festival) or you can come and visit me at my beautiful home in Mission Beach for a weekend-long retreat.

It’s early days yet, but I am super excited to announce the first www.writeyourjourney retreat.

Bali retreat

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what else I am up to. I still love the nomadic lifestyle and last year I spent 4 months based in Hoi An, central Vietnam. I loved it so much, that I am about to go back for an open-ended stint. I’ll blog about that and much more on So, come on and check out my new virtual home!

I’ve loved sharing my journey on Travelpilz with you and I hope you’ll join me on the journey of creative self-discovery. See you soon! Happy travels :)

PS: I won’t take this labour of love down. It’ll remain as a place where you can find inspiration about a great many countries and my musings on female solo travel.





Kerstin Pilz

Author at Travelpilz
I am Kerstin Pilz, PhD, recovering academic, travel blogger based in Mission Beach, Far North Queensland.

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